Charter Flights and Aircraft Management

Aircraft Fleet and Air Charter Services

Cobra Kai Flight Services specializes in aircraft charter services both across The United States and Internationally. Click on the icon above for more information on our aircraft charter services, or view our aircraft fleet to browse some of the charter aircraft we can provide. Our Charter Managers will be glad to assist you with any inquiry.

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Aircraft Management Services

Cobra Kai also offer Aircraft Management Services to aircraft owners or lessees who have aircraft for personal or company use. We can also supply additional charter work for these aircraft if desired and can assist in selecting and acquiring suitable aircraft to meet your needs. Please click on the icon above for further information, or contact our staff.

Ground Services and Logistics

As part of our charter service, we are more than happy to arrange ground logistics that will ensure the passengers travel smoothly from the time they leave the home or office until safely at the destination. Services include buses, hire cars, limousines, helicopter transfers, accommodation, as well as passenger lounge and catering facilities at the Airport.

Further Enquiries