Aircraft for Sale

2002 Baron 58 N873JD

N873JD is Beech Baron Cobra Kai acquired from Nappa Valley in late 2016. The aircraft is currently undergoing avionics upgrades, and will be equipped with a glass cockpit once the upgrades are complete. It comes equipped with air conditioning for those hot summer days, and is compliant with all applicable ADs.

Please note, the photos are of N875JG, which is a baron with the same paint scheme, engines, interior, and the airframe is only 2 serial numbers off.

The paint scheme and interior can be changed to your liking! If the avionics package that the aircraft is upgraded with isn't to your liking, we can also change out the avionics package!

Finally, if desired by the customer, this aircraft is FAR part 135 compliant.


1992 A-36 N8297A

N8297A is an aircraft Cobra Kai purchased from JAL in Nappa Valley back in late 2016. Since then the aircraft has had new avionics installed, been repainted, has had weight STCs added on, and the interior has been redone to create a fairly luxurious aircraft.