Could I become a pilot?

Nearly anyone can become a pilot, as long as they're medically qualified. The medical qualifications can seem rigorous at first glance, but for the average person, shouldn't be a problem at all. For example, there are associations of deaf pilots out in the world!

How safe is aviation?

Modern aviation is very safe, with many safeguards in place to make sure pilots and passengers are never in any significant danger. For example, before every flight the fuel is checked by the pilot to ensure there is no contamination, and in the air Air Traffic Control always has an eye on nearly every plane in the sky. In fact, if you look at the statistics, flying has only been growing safer and safer with each passing year.

Isn’t flying super expensive?

While flying is expensive, it isn't as expensive as most people imagine, for example, the cost to rent the type of aircraft you would be flying on, a Grumman Cheetah, is about $190 an hour, with all expenses paid. If that still seems like a lot of money, consider that it will carry 3 light adults and a child at 115 MPH for over 5 hours!   Please see your desired service for more pricing information.