Cobra Kai hits ATP Milestone (July 2016)

Sep 24, 2016

Courtesy of Texoma’s Home Page, July 15 2016atp-500-2

The Airline Pilot Transportation Rating, commonly referred in the flying community as the APT, is a unique certificate because it caters to former military members who want to become commercial airline pilots.

Several of the pilots who take the 5-day course are former Air Force pilots who already have over 1,500 hours of flight time.
The course begins in the classroom and then the last three days are in the sky, with the final day being the pilots check ride with the FAA.
Martin Bohn, the owner of Cobra Kai Flight Academy, says he had no idea the program would take off like it has when they began the program in July of 2013.
“No. We were like if we could do probably three or four a month that would be good,” Bohn said. “We never expected that we would do eight a week.”
“The guys come from all over the world. A lot of guys are deployed to Japan, Korea, Europe and they come back and do their training with us and then fly back into the country that they’re deployed to.”
After the pilots complete the program their next step is to land a job with a commercial airliner—which can take six weeks to six months.
Bohn adds that several of the pilots who get their APT license do so being that their service time is up or because being a commercial airline pilot pays better.