About Cobra Kai

In April of 2012 businessman and entrepreneur Greg Johnson was finishing up his instrument rating with friend and CFI Martin Bohn. Avid aviation enthusiasts, Greg’s IFR lessons often got diverted to discussing the future of aviation and why so many CFI’s and flight schools fail.  It is common to hear pilots say there is no money to be made in teaching people to fly. Instructors only teach because either they love flying or they need to build hours to move forward in their career.  Saddened but not disheartened, Greg and Martin continued to analyze the aviation industry until a business idea began to develop. These two visionaries decided that if they were to take on the monumental task of building a flight academy, it had to be done right.


Martin Bohn


Greg Johnson









After several years of hard work Cobra Kai Flight Academy had become Cobra Kai Flight services, offering a multitude of services in addition to it’s new methods of flight training, including flying charter aircraft, performing aircraft maintenance, and detailing vehicles. It has a small but hardworking team including:



Instructor John Probst

Chief Flight Instructor Uwe Zeizinger



Mikey Glashan- Maintenance Technician